Comprehensive Inspection and Maintenance

Umfassende Inspektion und WartungParking systems are like the cars which are parked in them. Regular service costs money but it certainly pays off!

The most important points of our inspection:

  • We check the hydraulic system for leaks in the hydraulic cylinder round the hydraulic pipes
  • We check the oil und refill when necessary
  • We check all bearing zones and lubricate them with Motorex special grease
  • We check the power unit, pumps, motors and cylinder
  • We ensure that everything is in working order

Things to check and keep an eye on yourself:

Umfassende Inspektion und Wartung an Hydraulikanlagen Umfassende Inspektion und Wartung an Hydraulikanlagen

  • Is the platform dirty?
  • Is hydraulic oil leaking out?
  • Is there any water in the pit?
  • Are there any rusty patches on the platform?
  • Are there any patches on the platform which have been corroded by salt?
  • Are there any unusual noises during movement?
  • Is the control element in working order – and lockable?
  • Is the railing in good order?
  • Is the instruction manual valid?